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Analytical principle smart electric vehicle anti-theft device and application prospects
发布时间:2015.09.08      点击数:2831
     Now the era of electricity, even travel tools is electric, such as electric cars, since electric vehicles, compact and convenient loved by the masses, it also allows some criminals have a chance. So there is an intelligent security, to bring the gospel. According to reports, this new generation of electric cars smart anti-theft system "is" a control key unlocking or locking by the power of the electric bike lift lock "Upgrading and strengthening, increase battery burglar alarm and vibration function based on the original, which is a never forgot to lock the car highly intelligent electric lock.
     It is understood that the present invention patents, unplug the car keys to this is the use of conventional action to complete the process of locking the car, completely avoid inadvertently forgot to lock the car resulting in the theft of the incident, the main principle is the key to control through the power lock box electromagnet inside, you can leave and when the owner of the car and the battery will need to be locked automatically locked, and the alarm was start shaking garrison state, they do not need artificial to operate, just to mention a good car owners legislature, will hear "Please take off the key" prompt, just unplug the key, then the car including the battery immediately into the security state. Other people can not push away the car, and will activate the vibration alarm kept chirping, thieves can get away, no longer afraid to close, it will play an excellent theft. This lock is easy to use, is a "fool" anti-theft lock, but the lock does not require any action, is a never forgot to lock the car locks, for everyone to use.
      According to the analysis, applications of this technology prospects, total 23.69 million electric bicycles in China, and every year. Currently, the electric bicycles as a means of transport, has replaced the traditional bicycles and motorcycles, we can see big market of. However, the security alarm is always a essential component. The present patent locks fool anti-theft lock, easy to use, but a given market will be welcomed by consumers.

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