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Self-learning Remote Control
Name: CSH008
Model Number: CSH008
Brand Name: CSH
Colour: Orange &grey
Voltage: 3V
Frequency: /
Power input: 220V AC
Scope: gates,sliding door and motorcycle
  • Detailed

Main fearture:

1The transparent protection shield leaves no blind area when watching the whole cutting process.

2The body of it made by die-cast aluminium alloy ,  rugged and stable.

33 pin rollers are used with guide rails, precise and efficient.

4200 watts high-speed brushless motor brings smoother cutting and little noise.

58 inches of industrial tablet computer, with both English and Chinese version, can be quickly updated through WIFI networking.

6Fast duplication can be finished in 2 minutes and all-lost in 5 minutes. Remote operation is also supported.

7It is capable of making single or double slot keys, hole punched keys, semicircle or crescent keys, single or double row keys, S-shaped slot keys, internal or external milling keys, as well as King 4D keys (e.g. Jindian, Yema, Baodean, Buyang, Wangli, Jiawei, Wanjia, Lekeduo, Meilibao, Jusen...).

8It is capable of making all the automobile keys at home and abroad, motorcycle keys and kinds of civil keys.

9The DIY version is open to the public people, key cutting becomes more customized and convenient.

10Both flat milling and vertical milling can be fulfilled by one set of  multifunctional clamps, no need to change clamps frequently.

11Humanized design of handles: it can be lifted up by one hand or picked up by both hands, convenient to carry about.

12CSH researches it independently and its creative function is equal to or beyond the same kind of machines abroad.

13It is a good news for civil locksmiths: No need to worry about any difficult key types with this CSH008 at hand.

14Long warranty of 3 years and perfect after-sale service are provided.

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