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Sevice Video
Quality commitment:
Three months free warranty, life-long service.
Service commitment:
24 hours to respond to customer needs.
Warranty policy:
1, all directly from Quanzhou Ju Hui Electronics Co. Ltd. or purchase from the agent of our products, we are the service object;
2, the phone number of the problem, the customer service staff or related technical division to answer; if the phone is difficult to deal with, after consultation by both parties, can be maintained by the nearest agent;
3, according to the product rework mailing, self repair products company received the date, one to two working days to reply;
4, the user in the use of the product process, due to improper operation or human factors caused by product damage, the user to bear the relevant losses, so that the maintenance of bad products, we will charge the related costs;
5, the user in the use of other products supporting the process, because other products cause the product problem, we do not assume responsibility;
6, without our authorization and unauthorized repair our products, caused by the consequences borne by the user, and the products are not included in the repair list.
7, due to natural disasters and other irresistible factors that lead to the division of product damage, loss, etc., the division does not assume any responsibility.
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