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Franchisee with the entrepreneurial zeal should also meet the following conditions:
★ have a legitimate business qualifications and fixed place of business, and to the integrity of business cooperation.
★ franchisees must be 18 years of age, with full civil capacity of natural persons and other legal organizations.
★ recognized "JuHui " brand culture, identity company's operations, management and business philosophy.
★ have basic operating funds, it has the right to take risks and a good attitude and investment philosophy.
★ obey headquarters management, and actively cooperate with the headquarters operation of the market, has a good work ethic and rigorous execution, law-abiding, and standardize management.
★ with brand awareness and long-term development, jointly safeguard the "JuHui" brand image.

Juhui electronic collaboration for the recruitment agents and dealers, JuHui willing to work with you to win, share the wealth.。
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