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Join Process

1. Fill in the application form to join: Application Form together with the application materials submitted by the Company; also be sent by fax, fill out the form must be accurate and complete.

2, submitted corporate information: business license, the operator card. As a natural person to join, to provide identity cards.
3, confirmed that cooperation intention: the Company's audit data franchisees, who pass to visit the company can understand, then failed to call to thank participation.
4, signed a contract: Agent's approved, the two sides after determining a collaboration with franchisees signed the "JuHui Agent contract" and enjoy all the preferential policies for companies, to exercise rights and fulfill corresponding obligations.
5, business planning: from the marketing department, investment department and other collaborative franchisees complete the preparatory work and the opening of a sales presentation.

Juhui electronic collaboration for the recruitment agents and dealers, JuHui willing to work with you to win, share the wealth.。
Join Hotline:13959979041 0595-22622065

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